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    position:HOME > General Products > American SKI shock absorber >
    • 9211 personal shock-absorber
      Vertical and horizontal vibration isolation Active air support Ergonomic design Automatic leveling Shockproof board thickness is at 1 inch Able to meet the requirements of Class 10 clean space Front fence The desk...[more]
    • 9100 series shock absorber
      9100 series shock absorber (load range up to 1300 pounds) 9100 series shock absorber is designed for the vibration isolation of sensitive experimental instruments and the load can reach 1300 pounds. The 9100 series is a ...[more]
    • 2200 series shock absorber
      Low specification passive gas and active gas design Low frequency Good horizontal vibration isolation Flatness: Standard deviation of top surface flatness of -22 and -32 over 24 "" * 24 "" is °ņ0.004 "" SPILLPRUF lea...[more]
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