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    BEIJING HUAWEI ZHONGYI TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD is a high-tech company which  provides advanced laboratory instrument equipment and multi-level services for life sciences, biotechnology, drug development, health care, biological chemistry, water quality analysis, and other fields .

    Most of the foreign products in our agent is the world first-class brand in specialized field .Including:Tissue Gnostics¡¢Seahorse Bioscience ¡¢KSI¡¢Sartorius¡¢SIGMA¡¢BUCHI¡¢CRAIC¡£

    The vast majority of our agency  directly is  directly sign the agency agreement sole agent or level with manufacturers, this means that you will get double support and after-sales service of  manufacturers and us.Our many products are supplied from stock so that users  are easy to contact us and enjoy  more timely and fully  secure services.We believe that we can create better tomorrow for our nation with  scientific research works based on technology and services of first-class brand .


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