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    Beijing Huawei Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd.
    The Department is committed to the field of life science, biological engineering, pharmaceutical research, medical and health, bio chemical, water quality analysis provides advanced laboratory instrument equipment and multi-level services for high-tech companies.

    We are the agent of foreign products and most of them are world class brands in the field of professional. Mainly include: Austria Tissue Gnostics Seahorse Bioscience, USA, American KSI company, Germany Sartorius company's ultra pure water system, balance / pH, Germany SIGMA centrifuge; Switzerland BUCHI company rotary evaporator, spray dryer, medium voltage preparative chromatography; USA CRAIC company's new technology products -- Microscopic spectrophotometric analysis system and so on. The agency of our most direct contract with the manufacturer of the agency agreement or a sole agent level, this means that our sales agent products are manufacturers and our double support and after sale service, therefore we have spare parts inventory and cash hundred thousands of yuan to service users, this means that the user in this vast region China will can contact the nearest we, more timely and more fully enjoy more secure service. We believe that by virtue of technology and service first-class brand foundation, we will work with R & D laboratory together for our national industry to create a better tomorrow.

    ct us

    Beijing Huawei Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Office) contact: Mr. Mo
    [address] Guangzhou city Tianhe District Zhongshan Avenue West Lang Mingju building 504 room S10 [200050]
    [telephone] 400-680-1681/ 020-38681013, 18665625935
    [fax] 010-83659327

    Beijing Huawei Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Office) contact: Mr. Sun
    [address] Shanghai Panyu Road No. 222 Panyu building 28 building 2314 room
    [telephone] 400-680-1681 [010-83659327
    [fax] 13585736386
    [E-Mail] sunliang@hwsci.com

    Beijing Huawei Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters) contact: Miss Dong
    [address] Beijing west city of Victoria Road No. 46 state run commercial building block A room 503 [100161]
    [telephone] 400-680-1681010-83659346 /9351 /9075 /9769
    [fax] 010-83659327
    [E-Mail] huawei@hwsci.com

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